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Continuing Education Classes for Massage Therapists

Lin learned cupping  at Chinese Acupuncture Association in China, 2009.  She has taught in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Seattle, and Olympia.

Lin’s classes are based on the simplicity and effectiveness of Chinese Medical Massage, which includes Tui Na and cupping. In her classes, you will also learn how to integrate the Chinese Meridian technique, with the comfort of the Swedish Massage, to instantly relieve most of the chronic pain.


Meridian Cupping – the Most Effective Therapy

Cupping on meridian channels is one of the best deep-tissue therapies available.

Cupping is a wonderful technique for Licensed Massage Therapists

  • Greatly enhances many spa/body treatments and massage modalities.
  • Significantly reduces wear and tear on the therapist.
  • Less effort with faster recovery
  • Extends the practitioner’s professional career by decades.
  • Work smarter, not harder.
  • The cups are inexpensive; the therapy is safe, fun, and result-oriented. And the treatments create the perfect add-on to a service.

My goal is that you can integrate Chinese meridian cupping confidently into your practice after the class. 

Cupping Workshop Topics:

  1. Learn How/Where/When to use cupping therapy.
  2. What are Chinese Meridians?
  3. Why are they important in your massage career?
  4. How to integrate Chinese and Western massage styles?
  5. Why integrate both styles?
  6. Demonstrate the use of electric hot stone massager.
  7. Learn from Chinese Ancient Wisdom!

Tui Na Massage Workshop Topics:

The Tui Na massage focuses along specific meridians to stimulate the body’s energy points, encouraging it to heal itself. 

  • Learn Tui Na for neck, shoulder, and sciatica.
  • How to Tui Na for young kids (Xiao Er Tui Na).
  • Learn how to find the sore spots or stagnation near the meridians and loosen these knots.
  • How to integrate Tui Na and Swedish massage styles?
  • Why integrate both styles?
  • Demonstrate the use of electric hot stone massager.
  • Learn from Chinese Ancient Wisdom!

Wonderful Class!
I have wanted to learn cupping for a long time, and I was thrilled to be able to learn it from Lin, who studied the technique in China and really knows her stuff! She’s a knowledgeable, patient teacher and I’d take any class she taught even though I have to drive 6 hours to be there!
— By Lindsey Nash